cacti 0.8.8c released 23/11/2014

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cacti 0.8.8c released 23/11/2014

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Release Notes - 0.8.8c

Important Security Fixes

CVE-2013-5588 - XSS issue via installer or device editing
CVE-2013-5589 - SQL injection vulnerability in device editing
CVE-2014-2326 - XSS issue via CDEF editing
CVE-2014-2327 - Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerability
CVE-2014-2328 - Remote Command Execution Vulnerability in graph export
CVE-2014-4002 - XSS issues in multiple files
CVE-2014-5025 - XSS issue via data source editing
CVE-2014-5026 - XSS issues in multiple files
Important Updates

New graph tree view
Updated graph list and graph preview
Refactor graph tree view to remove GPL incompatible code
Updated command line database upgrade utility
Graph zooming now from everywhere