cacti 0.8.6i released 10/10/06

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cacti 0.8.6i released 10/10/06

文章 C.K. » 2015-02-25, 16:34

Release Notes - 0.8.6i

Important Bug Fixes

There have been a whole bunch of fixes related to the tree presentation when using the graph export functionality.

A couple issues related to the default scripts and templates that ship with Cacti have been addressed. This includes the Unix get free disk space script, the WeatherBug script, the load average script, and the default memory usage graph.

Extend the maximum size of multiple database columns which will enable more graph tree items and longer SNMP OID's.

Several RRA-related issues have been corrected which are related to graph tree items, the timespan field on the RRA form, and graph exporting.

RRDtool graph DEF's are now generated for items other than AREA, STACK, LINE1, LINE2, and LINE3 such as COMMENT and GPRINT. This allows you to reference data on the legend that is not being graphed.